Parent Helper Program (PHP) or Nursery


Aspen Hill Cooperative Nursery School offers a Parent Helper Program for our members.  It is a nursery designed to provide babysitting for the younger, non-enrolled children of co-oping parents while the parents are assisting in the classroom.  The PHP is open at least two days a week and often times four or five.

The PHP is staffed by a paid caregiver.  The caregiver is trained and certified in infant CPR.  The cost to use the PHP is $12.00 per morning.

Parents using the Nursery will be placed on the back-up schedule once a month.  The back-up person assists the primary PHP caregiver in the Nursery that day and is only required to stay when the primary caregiver feels that assistance is needed.  This decision is based on the number of children in the nursery and/or the age of the children.