“Both my children attended AHCNS and it has such a special place in all of our hearts. Our whole family has been nurtured by the teachers and community at AHCNS. My oldest started as a Monkey and as a 2nd grader still loves when he gets to visit the playground for the summer clean up. My youngest started as a Panda and went for all three years. He loves school and is SO ready for Kindergarten. I loved being so involved in my children’s education as a co-oper. I got to know their friends and the other parents. I learned so much from watching the teachers manage their classes. We will all treasure what we have learned from AHCNS and the friendships we made here.”
~Annilyn S.

“My youngest just finished her last year of preschool here and she misses it so much already, it’s only been a few weeks. Thank goodness she is more than ready for kindergarten because of the wonderful classroom she experienced here. She and my older son both did 2 years at AHCNS in the 3 year old and 4 year old classes. They are excited to go to school everyday and put hard work into doing well at school, my son is more than full grade ahead in reading and placed in advanced math group heading into 3rd grade this fall. I firmly believe AHCNS has played a major part in making school such wonderful experience for them. Beyond my children’s happiness I have also met many wonderful friends at the school who we have stayed in touch with. Being in the classroom was fun and comforting and seeing how the school is run helped me learn how to be involved my son’s grade school. It is an absolutely wonderful community and we will miss the teachers greatly.”

~Lynn T.


“We absolutely love the community at Aspen Hill. I knew I wanted to be a part of my children’s preschool education and a coop is a great way to be involved and make friends. My oldest son is an Aspen Hill alum (he spent three great years there) and my middle son is in his second year and loving it. Both boys have really blossomed in the great play-based, loving environment. We can’t recommend this school highly enough!”

~Amanda T.


“Aspen Hill shines both in the moment and over time! It’s been 10 and 14 years since my daughter and son graduated from AHCNS respectively and I still recommend it to friends. Without exception, they report the same supportive and creative learning community experiences that I remember both for my children and myself as a young parent. (I learned volumes about my own childrens’ development by spending time in the classroom with their peers and teachers.) My husband and I are the immensely proud parents of two thoughtful, creative, independent learners and Aspen Hill is a part of that foundation.
Thank you!”

~Johanna C.


“My older son went there for the 3’s and 4’s classes. He absolutely loved it. He had fun, made good friends and even managed a little learning. There are pros and cons to a co-op preschool, but it was nice to help in his class because I got to know his friends, his routine and what his day is like. Now my younger son is starting in the 2’s. I know he will have a great time too. AHCNS’s location is right, the price is right, and the teachers and other parents are great.”

~Laura D.


“When our daughter ran into the classroom and didn’t want to leave, we knew AHCNS was the preschool for us! We absolutely love the school. The director and the teachers are so engaged with the kids and it is an incredibly warm and welcoming community. The classrooms are fun and interactive with plenty of room for creative play and planned activities. It has a wonderful playground for outdoor play.

We are very glad we chose a co-op program. It allows us to see our daughter in her school environment and better understand her development and how we can help shape her growth both at school and at home. We also get to know and work with other parents and families in the area. The teachers provide regular feedback, which is encouraging and helpful. Parent participation is required and valued. Each parent is asked to help in the classroom approximately twice a month as well as take on a support job. There are a range of jobs to choose from, and they really try to help you find a job that fits your family. This might sound intimidating, another thing to add to your busy schedule, but, in fact, participating in this way helps you really understand your child and the children your child is playing with, plus you gain so much from the expertise of the staff.

We couldn’t be happier with AHCNS and strongly urge you to check them out.”

~Katherine F.


“When we recently moved to the area we knew our 3 year old was ready to make new friends and learn in a new environment. Aspen Hill was exactly what we had in mind! The community of families here is amazing. You can not find a better group of parents and teachers. Our daughter looks forward to school days and never wants to leave.”

~Nicole H.


“My kids have all attended and it has been a wonderful experience for the whole family. My kids had great teachers who gave them extremely solid footing to step into Kindergarten, and also gave them much love from Day 1. The teachers deeply care about the students, and the families as well. Aspen Hill is more than s school, it is s family. We are lucky to have found such a wonderful community. The classrooms are lovely and welcoming. The playground is the best around. My kids can spend hours there if allowed!
Thanks for a great start to school for our kids AHCNS!”

~Bridgette P.


“This is a great school and awesome community of parents and teachers. This is our second year at AHCNS and we love it here – definitely we will be sending our boys here till it is time for kindergarten.”

~Ewelina K.


“We love this school! A great community, terrific teachers, and wonderful parents. We feel very lucky that our daughter was able to attend. Parents are required to help out quite a lot, but that also keeps tuition low.”

~Sam E.


“We had a wonderful first year and are looking forward to a second!”

~Caroline P.